Sunday, 4 August 2019

Why is the PULL UP such a great exercise?

What is PULL UPS?
 It is pulling yourself up from a dead hang on a bar. You do it mostly with the aid of the muscles of your back and arms. The movement starts with your arms completely straight and ends with your chin over the bar or your chest touching the bar.

Why is the PULL UP such a great exercise?
1. PULL UPS target more musculature than PULLDOWNS.
2. PULL UPS provide a powerful overloading stimulus.
3. PULL UPS are better at targeting the teres muscles than chin ups or rows.
4. Pull-ups train your grip and your ability to pull downwards. This is something that will be extremely beneficial to climbers and martial artists.
5. You will develop powerful forearms as well as hand and finger strength too.
6. After all, your hands and fingers play a big part in helping you hang from a bar while trying to lift and lower your entire body weight.
7. Multi-joint exercises like pull-ups use a maximum amount of muscle fibers and also help you gain mass effectively.

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