Saturday, 23 March 2019

Can’t Do a Pull-up Yet? Here’s How to Get it Done

Pull-ups are my favorite exercise of all time.
They work all of the “pull” muscles in your body – your back, biceps, forearms.
They are indicative of your level of fitness – anybody that can do a pull-up is in pretty good shape.
And anybody that can do 10 or more is clearly in great shape.
Lastly, pull-ups make you feel like a badass after doing them.

However, pull-ups are also hard as hell, especially if you’re just getting started.Unlike other exercises that can be completed with just your body weight (like squats, lunges, and push ups), pull-ups and other exercises that strengthen your pull muscles require at least one piece of equipment or something to hang from!

On top of all of that, if you can’t do one yet, how the heck are you supposed to work on them to get better?
I’ve recently received thousands of emails from fellow rebels who are working towards their first pull-up but aren’t there quite yet.
Whether you’re 300 pounds overweight and can’t even look at a pull-up bar without freaking out, or you’re half an inch away from finally being able to do your first pull-up, this article is for you – sorry it took so long for me to write!
Pull-ups are quite the intimidating exercise, but like Optimus Prime has taught us, we can make small changes and improvements over time that will result in the ultimate goal:
One. Freaking. Pull-up.
It will take a combination of two things to get your chin up over that bar:
  • Decreasing body fat so you have less weight to pick up!
  • Increasing strength to pick up your bodyweight and move above the bar!
I realize doing those two things is much easier said than done.
What most people don’t realize is that they spend too much time on the strength part, not realizing that decreasing their body weight is as important and impactful (if not more so!).
Which is why most people never get to do a pull-up!
After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than putting in the effort for months (or years) and not seeing results and getting demoralized. And unfortunately, this is what I see from most people: Lots of well-intentioned but misguided effort in the gym and no changes.
You probably don’t have years to make the mistakes that I did and want to skip this problem, and you just want to start getting results today.

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