Monday, 25 January 2016

Way to Build a Workout Routine

Prepare yourself a workout routine plan and execute it from the ideas given below.  Verify your prepared workout routine with your trainer and make yourself clear that there is no any mistakes in your workout routine and at the same time it has good impact on your exercise.
ALWAYS warm up : 5-10 minutes on a bike, rowing machine, jumping jacks, run up and down your stairs, etc.
·        Pick one exercise for each big muscle group – quads, butt and hamstrings, push, pull, and core.
·        Do 3-5 sets for each exercise.
·        Determine how many reps and how long you’ll wait between sets for each exercise.
·        Mix it up! Vary your reps, sets, and exercises.  Keep it interesting.
·        Increase your efficiency and work your heart by doing alternating sets or circuits.
·        Keep your workout to under and hour.
·        Stretch AFTER your workout.
·        Write everything down.

There is a detailed explanation in my previous post about the workout routine. So follow it for more ideas and make your workout effective.

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