Friday, 25 December 2015

First Day At GYM

Tip #1: What to bring:
Here I mentioned some essential things that you have to take with you for the gym. Towel,Water Bottle, Gym Gloves and some other items if you think its essential such as ipod, fruits etc…,

Tip #2: What to do upon your arrival:
The first thing I do when I go to the gym is head for the locker room.  This way, you have a purpose as you walk through the gym.  On your way to the locker room, you can do a quick scan to see where everything is located: cardio machines, nautilus machines, free weights, aerobics room, basketball court, pool, etc.
Once you’ve done what you need to do in the locker room and you’re ready to brave the gym, I recommend heading for the cardio machines (i.e. elliptical, treadmill, bikes, stepmill, etc).  This way you can warm-up and do a more complete scan of the gym.  Spend as much time as you need to on the cardio machines.  This may be as far as you get on your first trip, but at least you’ve done something and gotten a little more comfortable with the gym environment.
If you are familiar with other gym equipment, you can reacquaint yourself with the nautilus machines or free weights at this time.  If you have never used any type of fitness equipment before, I highly, strongly, and vehemently recommend scheduling a session with a personal trainer.  It is very easy to hurt yourself on gym equipment if you are not familiar with how to use it.
Tip #3: Be familiar and social:
These are some basic gym etiquette rules that can keep you from looking and feeling like a jerk on your first trip to the gym:
·         If you don’t know how to do something, ask!  Ask a gym employee how to use a particular piece of equipment that you are not familiar with.  If you want a more extensive tutorial on machines, or on working out in general, you can schedule a session with a personal trainer.  Most gyms offer inexpensive personal training sessions and even free first time sessions.
·         Use a towel!  Be sure to wipe off any equipment that you sweat on.  If you don’t have a towel, most gyms have paper towel and sanitation stations to wipe off machines when you are done.  You might not think your sweat is gross, but more often than not, other gym-goers don’t want to lay down in a pool of your sweat.
·         Ask to “work in.”  If you think someone is done with a machine, but they are still standing next to it, you should ask if they are done.  If someone is not done, proper gym etiquette is to let you “work in.”  This simply means that you would take turns doing sets on that particular machine.  About 99% of the time, they will let you work in.
·         Re-rack your weights.  This is one of my biggest gym pet peeves.  Remember how your parents used to tell you to put your toys away when you were done playing with them?  They were preparing you for the gym!  If the weights are too heavy for you to put back, ask for help or use a lighter weight the next time you work out.

Tip #4: Go with a friend:
What better way to tackle the unknown than with a friend!  This way you’ll have someone to try new things with.  You can take a class, or schedule a personal training session together, and, if you make it a regular date, you can hold each other accountable.

I hope that my first time gym tips have made you feel a little less apprehensive about conquering the gym.  I know it can be scary, but you have to remember, unless you have just joined a small, specialty gym, it’s going to be filled with other people just like you, other first-time gym goers; and, keep in mind, most people at the gym are so concerned with themselves, they are not the least bit concerned with what you’re doing!

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